April 16, 2024

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Miami: body of 21-year-old immigrant from Greece was found during the analysis of the rubble of the collapsed house

A student who came to visit a friend, 21-year-old Greek émigré Andreas Yannitsopoulos, died in the collapse of an apartment building in Miami.

The young man studied at Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee) and came on vacation, staying with his godfather. His death is confirmed. His mother Tina Yiannitsopoulos says bitterly:

My son was one of the strongest people I know. We had plans for the future.

The 12-story building, part of the Champlain Towers, collapsed on the night of last Thursday, June 24, at about 01:20. This is one of the largest civilian disasters in United States history. After sudden collapse round-the-clock rescue operations have been going on for a week, but the hope of finding survivors has become almost elusive. To date, 18 dead have been found, including two children. About 140 people are considered missing.

The causes of the tragedy have not yet been established. The residential complex Champlain Towers was built right on the ocean coast 40 years ago. Opposite him – the beaches of Miami Beach. The house has more than 100 apartments, including those for rent. The authorities have declared a fifth level of emergency, according to the Miami Herald. Typically, this degree is awarded when there is a large number of victims and victims. Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife, plans to arrive at the scene of the tragedy today.

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