February 25, 2024

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Lesbos wants to announce mini-isolation due to the increase in the number of Covid-infected

Local authorities describe the situation with the pandemic in Lesvos as “extremely bad”, with about 70 cases of coronavirus confirmed every day.

“We are thinking about a little isolation,” says the vice governor of an island in the eastern Aegean. Teachers and students in schools are particularly affected, with the result that many parents are afraid to send their children to school. At the same time, an anti-vaccination movement is growing on the island.

“We have a growing number of cases among schoolchildren. 13 children fell ill in primary school, another 13 – in secondary school, 1 child in kindergarten, as well as 3 teachers, ”said Mega TV Vice Governor of Lesvos Panagos Koutelos on Wednesday morning.

“In total, about 500-570 * people fall ill with coronavirus a week,” he stressed. Kutelos, adding, however, that the number of hospitalizations is still small.

Pointing to the low vaccination rate (50-55%) due to the large number of anti-Axis on the island, the Lieutenant Governor said that in recent days, due to fear of the Omicron option, residents of the island are increasingly sent to vaccination centers.

So far, Lesvos Hospital is coping with the situation, he said, but he also said that local authorities are already contacting the national health fund EODY to introduce a mini-isolation regime.

“The issue of mini-insulation is being studied, we are in touch with EODY. But it has not yet been determined, “Kutelos emphasized.

In mid-autumn, the Greek government stopped introducing mini-quarantines in local communities with high levels of coronavirus infection.

* The population of the island of Lesvos is 114.8 thousand people.

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