A Greek from Agrinio joins the board of directors of Hermès fashion house

The 34-year-old young man from Agrinio has had an impressive career in beauty and fashion, becoming one of the directors of the fashion house Hermès. Born in Agrinio to a family of pharmacists, Grigoris Pirpilis studied English Philology in Athens and then went abroad. Living in Paris since 2012 but raised in a Greek village, […]

Olga Sarantopoulou: “Greeks abroad want admirable cooperation, bilateral relations based on mutual respect and gratitude”

The need to develop a national strategy for the Greeks abroad for a decade ahead, “which will not change with a change of government,” was expressed by Dr. Olga Sarantopoulou, elected secretary of the Council of Greeks Abroad (SAE), defending the need for the existence of the SAE, since, in her words, “the Greek the […]

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