Fakes and lies around the war in Ukraine. Part 3

Propaganda and disinformation during the war is a common thing, one might say, familiar. That’s just in everything there should be at least some minimum ethical standards. Unfortunately, these norms have now been completely destroyed. We continue our column “Fake news about the war in Ukraine”. Beginning see part 1, 2. Fake #11 Millions of […]

Fakes and lies around the war in Ukraine. Part 1

“Russian Athens” is starting a new column dedicated to fakes spread by the media regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia. Despite the fact that funded by Western embassies and the Soros Foundation, the publication “stopfake” bans our accounts under the pretext of fakes, while spreading massive fakeswe still found some support from its Greek […]

First of all – stay human

The editors of “Russian Athens”, from the first day publishing the most objective information about the war in Ukraine, came under powerful attacks from both sides of the conflict. Trying to give balanced and truthful information about the events, we try to use the sources available to us: from Russia and Ukraine, official from the […]

Strana.ua: What connects with Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Facebook partners

On March 27, Facebook published a press release, according to which the largest social network launched a fact-checking program in Ukraine to counter disinformation. Facebook chose two Ukrainian organizations for this work: VOX and StopFake. Information about this published banned in Ukraine in the extrajudicial Internet edition Strana.ua The publication notes that the other day […]

Case of 44 fake vaccination certificates submitted to prosecutors

A health ministry spokesman said that 44 cases of fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates were brought before the prosecutor of Karditsa, northern Greece, on Monday. The scandal erupted when a doctor’s signature and official seal were not found on one of the printed vaccination certificates. The head of the 5th Medical District, Fotis Seretis, said that […]

Truths and lies about Covid-19 in India

“Anyone who has been to India (I have been several times) and have seen the conditions and way of life, or knows the health infrastructure (8 times fewer beds per 1000 inhabitants compared to Greece) and population density (8 times higher than in Greece ) understands why a respiratory virus epidemic can lead to dire […]

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