Truths and lies about Covid-19 in India

“Anyone who has been to India (I have been several times) and have seen the conditions and way of life, or knows the health infrastructure (8 times fewer beds per 1000 inhabitants compared to Greece) and population density (8 times higher than in Greece ) understands why a respiratory virus epidemic can lead to dire situations.

The situation there may become even more difficult due to the shortage of medicines, ”writes Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos on his personal Facebook page.

According to him: “However, it is difficult to understand that, according to Katimerini, India has the third largest death rate from COVID-19 (…/india-anevike- stin- triti-thes… / ), while the Worldometer ranks India 114th in the world with 120 deaths per million. At the same time, Greece ranks 43rd in the world with 1,020 deaths per million (almost 9 times more than in India).

Again, Katimerini did not write that India ranks 3rd in the world in the number of people vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (of course, in absolute numbers, since, according to Katimerini, absolute numbers matter).


1. Fortunately, Greece took the appropriate measures, and in the end we did not find ourselves in India in the number of deaths from COVID, regardless of whether (so far) India has 9 times LESS COVID deaths than ours. (Applause.)

2. Immediately cancel the databases and registrations of deaths from COVID, and let Katimerini take on this role with his scientific staff. Also, for an overview of science and logic, which still counts deaths per capita rather than absolute numbers, and to record in terms of football science (whoever has the highest score in absolute numbers will be first on the list) …

3. Immediately speed up the search for arable land, because there are not enough weeds for everyone.

4. It takes a little more effort to convince us that donkeys fly. (Praiseworthy.)

The message may be somewhat “humorous” (there are indeed serious problems in India for many reasons), but the level of ridicule on the issue in general, as well as information and communication with the public, is now overwhelming.

As for the well-known “suspects”, I understand that at some point I will be “ashamed” of what I am writing. But this is ridiculous (rather ridiculous) in the face of the embarrassing story (or even the conscience of many – because I no longer believe in the story) of the shame of some people.

I am now considering stopping further commenting on this. Although it is logical and expected that in such a serious problem there should be disagreements, contradictions and opposing points of view.

In the end, Einstein was right (or whoever attributed this statement to him): “There are two infinite things – the universe and human stupidity. However, I’m not sure about the universe. “

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