Russian Embassy to the Government of Canada on LGBTQ+: “There is a man, a woman and children – this is called a family”

The Russian Embassy in Canada has responded with scathing comments to the Canadian government’s attacks on Moscow in connection with a new Russian federal law criminalizing the dissemination of LGBTQ+ propaganda in Russia. And yes, there are just two sexes/genders – a man and a woman, male and female. — Russia in Canada (@RussianEmbassyC) […]

Moscow’s anger at Athens for not being invited to the anniversary of the Battle of Navarino: “You betrayed yourself”

Moscow is outraged by the decision of the Greek government not to invite the Russian embassy to the celebration of the 195th anniversary of the Battle of Navarino. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zakharova, bluntly stated to the Greek government: “You have betrayed yourself.” She added that the Greek government is trying […]