The Russian Embassy openly trolls Kiryakos Mitsotakis

The Russian embassy responded with a direct question to Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the Prime Minister’s statements about the possible participation of the Kremlin in the elections.

In a Twitter post, the embassy addressed the Greek Prime Minister with the following words:“The question is: on the side of which party will Russia interfere in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece?”

The revelation by journalist Kristina Korais about Makis Voridis’ plan to change the way the elections are conducted under the pretext of an alleged hybrid threat and Russian interference in the Greek elections is not a “conspiracy theory” but a conspiracy against the constitution. say Greek journalists.

Cristina Korai reported that Voridis was considering scanner voting and abolishing traditional voting. At the same time, scenarios are being circulated that Putin will allegedly commit fraud in the elections. Beware, they will make the trees vote again.

Therefore, the description he gave of Voridis’ plan to abolish regular ballot papers and replace them with special documents that will be read by scanners is the definition of sabotage, says Cristina Korais.

This is a plan that, in addition to being a flagrant violation of democracy, also violates common sense, because if Russia really wanted to interfere in the Greek elections, this would make it easier for her! Because “Kremlin hackers” cannot enter every polling station with a physical presence and erase the crosses with rubber bands, replacing the paper ballots inside the ballot box.

On the contrary, when the entire system is digitized, especially when “evidence of the vote”, that is, ordinary ballots that by law should remain available for verification, is not stored, then in a coordinated cyber attack we can see “monsters”.

Given what we’re hearing, it shouldn’t be surprising if voting for a party other than Mitsotakis is considered a national security threat and “dissidents” are imprisoned.

From the editor. Do not be surprised by such a reaction. It is enough to look at how the previous parliamentary elections were held in the country of “victorious democracy”, a country where the concept of democracy means the power of the Democratic Party, and it will become clear what schemes Greece can expect.

PS The prime minister’s aunt, the other day, declared war on Russia

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