May 22, 2024

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The first non-state medical school in Greece

The request for the creation of the first non-state university and medical school in Greece was unanimously approved by the competition committee.

The school being created is called “University of Nicosia, Greek Branch of Medical Limited” and is a joint effort of “HELLENIC HEALTHCARE HOLDING 3 (CYPRUS) LIMITED” (HH3) and the University of Nicosia. This is the first private university in Greece.

HH3, based in Cyprus, cooperates with the famous American hedge fund CVC Capital Partners, which controls six of the country's largest hospitals and 10% ΔΕΗ. In fact, it is the largest “player” in the healthcare sector in the country, since it owns Υγεία, Μetropolitan Hospital, Μητέρα, Metropolitan General, Λητώ, Creta Inter Clinic. The above-mentioned hospital departments will also conduct internships for students.

On April 19, 2024, at a plenary meeting of the competition commission, decision No. was received. 845/2024, unanimously approved in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 3 of Law 3959/2011. The statutory purpose of the established “University of Nicosia Greek Branch Medical Limited” is the establishment and operation of the Medical School in Athens, services that will be provided within the framework of Law 5094/2024 after obtaining the necessary administrative approvals from the competent authorities.

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