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Failed euthanasia by doctors "fixed" suffocation with a pillow

In Belgium, there was not enough drug to euthanize 36-year-old Alevsina. Doctors solved the problem radically by suffocating her with a pillow. The woman’s husband and daughter filed a lawsuit.

The tragic incident occurred in the Belgian city of Upey. Two years ago, in December 2021, doctors discovered Alevsina had inoperable cancer and gave her only one year to live. But significant deterioration occurred much earlier, and in March 2022 the woman decided to undergo the legal procedure in this country for deprivation of life at her request.

However, euthanasia was unsuccessful – according to information Sud Info, the administered drug was not enough. Trying to hide their mistake, doctors… strangled the woman with a pillow. The trial took place in Alevsina’s house. During the execution of the woman’s last will, her husband and daughter left so as not to see the death of their loved one.

Only doctors remained in the house – a doctor and two nurses, who made a murderous decision and made it a reality. According to the French website Sudinfo, the doctors wanted to hide this fact, but a relative of one of the nurses, having learned the details of what happened, reported to the prosecutor’s office.

A medical examiner confirmed that there were signs of strangulation on the woman’s body, and the woman’s family filed a civil lawsuit against the doctors. Belgian politician and doctor Jacques Brochi said in an interview with RTL Info: “What happened is not euthanasia. Such a definition of this terrible situation devalues ​​the concept of euthanasia, which accompanies a person to the end without pain.”

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