May 25, 2024

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French VIGINUM exposed a disinformation network in the US and Europe (video)

The French government service VIGINUM, responsible for countering foreign digital interference, has published a report on the activities of a network of websites disseminating propaganda in European countries.

How reports Euronews, the report states that the network consists of no less than 193 sites, some of which contain the word “pravda” in the domain name. There is no original content on them; they massively retransmit only publications of the state media of the Russian Federation, messages from the official websites of various institutions and quotes from the accounts of Russian politicians.

The main goal of the disinformation network is to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine, demonstrate the successes of the Russian Federation on the battlefield and discredit the Ukrainian leadership. As a rule, this is ideologically oriented, misleading content, analysts note.

In a statement, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that such attempts to manipulate information will not prevent the French government from providing support to Ukraine in the face of a Russian invasion.

Representatives of the French Foreign Ministry said at a media briefing that the Russian Federation has intensified its efforts to disseminate false information that is aimed at Kyiv’s allies in the West.

On Monday, February 12, the US State Department’s Center for Global Engagement published a statement saying that the Africa Initiative, with the help of Russian intelligence services, seeks to worsen the reputation of Western countries in African states and improve the image of the Russian Federation by spreading disinformation.

The West has repeatedly accused Moscow of using social media and websites to spread misleading information. At a meeting in France, the heads of the Polish, German and French foreign ministries announced the creation of a joint mechanism to respond to such Internet attacks.

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