July 19, 2024

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Shocking study: for every life saved, 14 are lost

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause more deaths than they save lives, according to a new study that reveals an unacceptable harm-to-benefit ratio. Moreover, the harm far outweighs the benefits, which prompted researchers to call for a “global moratorium” and “immediate refusal” of any further vaccinations!

The study was published in the journal Cureus. It analyzed reports from early phase 3 trials of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines conducted by Pfizer and Moderna. These trials led to the drugs being approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States. The study found that the vaccines’ effectiveness was “significantly lower” than the companies making them claimed.

Moreover, based on “conservative assumptions, the estimated harm from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines significantly outweighs the “benefits”: nand for every life saved, there are almost 14 times more deaths caused by injections of modified mRNA!

“Given the well-documented serious side effects and unacceptable harm-benefit ratio, we call on governments to approve and implement a global moratorium on these mRNA products until all pressing questions regarding causation, residual DNA, and abnormal protein production are answered. “.

The authors also recommended that COVID-19 vaccines be “immediately removed” from childhood immunization schedules. They stressed that children are at very low risk of infection.

“It is unethical and unconscionable to administer an experimental vaccine to a child who has virtually zero risk of death from COVID-19 but has a documented risk of permanent heart damage of 2.2% based on the best available prognostic data.”

Following early trials by Pfizer and Moderna, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were said to provide a 95 percent reduction in COVID-19 incidence. The study indicates that this effectiveness hypothesis was flawed. Researchers even said that to prevent one death from COVID-19, about 52,000 people would need to be vaccinated.

This means that for every 100,000 shots of the Pfizer vaccine, two lives are saved. However, there were 27 deaths per 100,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the researchers calculated. So for every life saved by the jab, nearly 14 lives are lost by the mRNA vaccine, the study found.

The cost in human lives is tragically high. Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently released data on the number of deaths caused by forced Covid-19 vaccinations, and they are shocking. The worldwide death toll exceeds 17 million, while the number of deaths caused by coronavirus stands at 6,962,438!

In short, the vaccines that were supposed to protect people from the coronavirus pandemic caused almost three times as many deaths as the disease (possibly) caused. If this is true, then the governments of many countries during the pandemic will have to bear responsibility.

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