July 19, 2024

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A resident of Germany received 217 vaccinations against Covid-19

In Germany, a man was vaccinated against coronavirus 217 times, ignoring the warnings of doctors.

How tells CNN Greece, this unusual case was recorded in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases. The man was vaccinated for 29 months. Dr Kilian Schober from the university’s Department of Microbiology says:

“We learned about his case from newspaper articles. We then contacted him and invited him to take various tests in Erlangen. He was very interested in it.”

The vaccine enthusiast provided the researchers with blood and saliva samples. They also examined some frozen samples of his blood that had been stored in recent years. Dr. Schober says:

“We were able to take blood samples ourselves when the man received additional vaccinations during the study, at his own insistence. We were able to use these samples to determine exactly how the immune system responds to vaccination.”

At first, the doctor was concerned that overstimulation of the immune system due to repeated doses might have “fatigued” some cells. However, the researchers found no evidence of this in the 62-year-old man. He also appears to have never had coronavirus.

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