Scandal due to the death of a Kiev woman after the Moderna vaccination

A resident of the Ukrainian capital received a Moderna vaccination at the Kiev hospital №4. 5 days after vaccination, a 50-year-old woman died. Verdict – no connection was found between the vaccine and death. Vasily Zhivoteniuk, vaccination coordinator in Kiev, said that no connection was found between the injection from the coronavirus and the death. […]

Expert: “We don’t know the long-term complications of poorly understood vaccines”

The former head of the AHEPA clinic said: “We do not know of the long-term complications from poorly understood vaccines.” The comment was made regarding the coronavirus mRNA vaccines currently in use. The opinion that the occurrence of long-term complications from vaccines has not been properly studied, since this requires a longer period of time […]

Inhaled coronavirus vaccine

Scientists publish the first studies on the safety and effectiveness of inhaled vaccines One dose of inhaled vaccine, equivalent to one fifth of an intramuscular dose, induces strong immunity. And after two inhalation doses, the titer of neutralizing antibodies reaches levels similar to those caused by an intramuscular dose. Phase 1 study results, published in […]

Luciferase: scientists have found a way to recognize vaccinated

There was information among anti-vaccines that a certain “luminous substance” is added to the vaccine, which can be determined by a device such as a non-contact thermometer, which is used to measure the temperature of passengers at airports. In this connection, it is now easy to identify those who are not vaccinated. According to, […]

New York: $ 100 per vaccination

The mayor of New York decided to provide an additional incentive to energize citizens, encouraging them to vaccinate, and ultimately create herd immunity. Those who get vaccinated are provided with a $ 100 prepaid card. Bill de Blasio announced that starting Friday, residents who get their first coronavirus vaccine at one of the city’s vaccination […]

In late August-early September, the introduction of the 3rd dose of the vaccine

According to the professor of pediatrics Vana Papaevangelu, in late August and early September, the committee will decide who will need to receive the third dose of the vaccine. According to the expert, who spoke on the SKAI 100.3 channel and voiced her opinion, these will most likely be those who have some underlying diseases […]

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