Stefanos Tsitsipas will still vaccinate

In an interview with ANT1, tennis player Tsitsipas said regarding vaccination that “it will definitely happen this year.” We will remind, some time ago he said that he did not intend to do this, and was immediately condemned by the public for his rash statement.

The journalists asked: “Why are you vaccinated? After all, your professional path – tennis – does not oblige you. To go to a restaurant or take a trip this winter? To lead a normal social life? ” To which the athlete replied: “Yes, that’s why.”

The famous tennis player added: “I have never promoted vaccination, but I was not against it either. I support everyone who wants to do this. I am not a doctor, I am an athlete, and my opinion may not be the best when it comes to medicine. “

Regarding the earlier statement that he is not going to be vaccinated, he noted: “I do not regret anything. These are my views and opinions. I think many times before I say anything. There is nothing negative in the fact that I freely express my views, even if some people perceive it somehow differently. You shouldn’t pay attention to it. “

About a month ago, Stefanos Tsitsipas caused a violent reaction with his vaccination statement: “I didn’t get the vaccine. Until now, no one has recognized it as mandatory. I am sure that at some point I will be vaccinated, but until it becomes mandatory, I will not do it, ”the athlete said.

A year ago, the tennis player participated in a commercial for the state vaccination campaign “We stay safe”.

After the scandal caused by his statement last August, Tsitsipas proceeded to “clarify” his position: “I am young, I am in the category of up to 25 years. I believe that the vaccine has not been tested enough yet, it is new. It has side effects, I personally know some people who have shown them. I am not against vaccinations, I just do not see any reason why someone in my age group needs to be vaccinated. I think this mainly concerns the elderly, if I’m not mistaken. “

Tsitsipas defended his opinion, saying: “I am the one who likes to take your time. I spend a lot of time on sports. I don’t do anything to “make” the nerves of others. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. “

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