Extension of NOTAM on the ban on flights from Russia and Belarus to Greece

The Greek Civil Aviation Authority announces that the ban on flights from Russia and Belarus is being extended until September 2022. The ban was announced as part of the sanctions imposed by the European Union in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a widespread statement of the Civil Aviation Authority (Υπηρεσία Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας), […]

Pressure or Real Threat – Transit Situation

In response to Lithuania’s ban on railway transit of certain goods to the Kaliningrad region, Russia promises “actions to protect its interests.” Is the Kremlin really threatening a NATO member state? Vilnius does not rule out that “hybrid operations” may follow from Moscow. Symbolic solidarity was demonstrated a few days ago by a key ally […]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation considers the imposition of a ban on flights of Russian aviation illegal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation called the ban on the flights of Russian aircraft illegal. This was stated today by Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia: “Now the situation has become more complicated, including the absolutely illegal imposition of restrictions on flights, say, of our aviation in the western sky, […]

The “soft approach” of the European Union is not a ban, but a significant reduction in purchases of Russian energy resources

After Washington announced a complete ban on the import of Russian oil and gas, Brussels chose a softer solution, breaking the unity of the West regarding aggression against Ukraine. Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, says that by the end of 2022 EU will cut energy purchases from Russia by two-thirds. However, […]

Greek journalists oppose revocation of accreditation of Sputnik employees

The Association of Foreign Correspondents and the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers have made a request to the Greek government. They asked not to revoke the accreditation of Sputnik employees and continue to provide them with access to ministries, parliament, the presidential palace, the residence of the Prime Minister of Greece “Megaro Maximufor the […]

Almost 200 flights canceled or delayed today at the airports of the Russian capital

According to available information, this morning more than 180 flights were delayed or canceled at three Moscow airports – Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. According to RIA News6 flights delayed and 43 canceled at Vnukovo, 9 flights delayed and 14 canceled at Domodedovo, 14 delayed and 100 canceled at Sheremetyevo. From Monday, February 28, that is, […]

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