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Study: Alcohol does not make people more attractive

American scientists have refuted the prevailing opinion that after a few glasses of alcohol the world seems beautiful, women are more beautiful, and those around them are attractive and inspiring confidence.

The researchers found that intoxication does not affect the determination of the level of attractiveness of people who are close to the person drinking alcohol, tells The Guardian, referring to published in the scientific journal Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, the results of the experiment.

Stanford Prevention Research Center professor Molly Bodring and University of Pittsburgh professor Michael Saett argue that there is no “beer glasses” effect, that is, there is no increase in physical desire during intoxication.

The study involved 18 pairs of male friends. They were shown photos and videos and asked to determine the level of attractiveness of women and men. Edge Hill University psychology professor says:

“By making the participants believe that the photographs they were viewing were of people they might interact with in the future, the research team added a nice element of realism that was not present in previous studies in this area.”

During some of these meetings, men drank soft drinks, during others – a certain amount of vodka with juice. The concentration of alcohol in the blood was 0.08%, which is the legal limit for driving in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and many US states.

The idea of ​​the participants of the experiment about the attractiveness of people in the photo did not change from the alcohol they drank. But … scientists have recorded an increase in “courage”. When intoxicated, subjects were 1.71 times more likely to choose the most attractive people for a potential meeting. Professor Molly Baudring argues that the study could reveal the beneficial yet potentially dangerous nature of alcohol:

“People may benefit from recognizing that valuable social motives and intentions change with alcohol consumption, which may be attractive in the short term but possibly harmful in the long term.”

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