May 30, 2024

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Minimum salary: at 830 euros – tomorrow's statements by K. Mitsotakis

The new minimum wage, announced tomorrow by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, looks set to be “fixed” at €830.

Labor Minister Domna Mihailidou conveyed her proposal to the Prime Minister on Friday; he will announce the increase after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 27 March. Thus the increase is 6.5?, that is 50 euros grosswhich is considered a noticeable increase for low-income families to cope with the wave of price increases.

The new salary from April 1 will be 830 euros, compared to 780 euros today, and the net amount will be 706 euros, compared to 667 euros today.

With one three-year period, the new minimum wage of 830 euros will be 913 euros gross or 762 euros net, with two three-year periods – 996 euros gross and 817.5 euros net, and with three three-year periods, the new minimum wage, increased by 50 euros gross, will be 1 079 euros gross, which corresponds to 872 euros net (net increase of 42.5 euros per month).

This means that a long-term married employee will receive from 1 April, including family allowance, 1186.9 euros per month.

Let us recall that during the consultations, employers’ proposals ranged from 4 to 5%, while GSEE proposed to increase wages by 16.4% (128 euros) to set a new minimum at 908 euros gross.

An increase in the minimum entails an increase in 19 allowances. So, if the minimum wage is set at 830 euros, the unemployment benefit received by approximately 140,000 unemployed people will rise to 510 euros from 479 euros today. The special maternity benefit, child care benefit and seniority benefit will increase from 780 to 830 euros.

The benefit for non-workers will also increase, from 479 euros to 510 euros, and the benefit for work (50 percent unemployment benefit) from 239.5 euros to 255 euros.

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