June 21, 2024

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In Thessaloniki, a 23-year-old man forced a 17-year-old girl to mutilate her genitals.

The communication between a minor girl from Thessaloniki and a young man can be called a real nightmare. For his actions, he received a 2-year prison sentence, but will only spend 3 months behind bars.

A three-member Thessaloniki court convicted a man of urging a girl, under threat of publishing nude photographs, to mutilate her genitals with a knife and to carve the words “sorry” and “truth” into her body.

The unprecedented case was heard by the Thessaloniki Administrative Court, which sentenced the accused to a general prison term of 2 years. The judges ordered that part of the sentence, three months, be served in a cell and the remainder of the sentence suspended. The convicted person did not appear in court and was not represented by a lawyer.

The victim’s mother reported what was happening in 2021, tells CNN Greece. She noticed changes in the behavior of her then 17-year-old daughter, and soon the girl herself turned to her for help to put an end to the nightmare she was experiencing. She even tried to commit suicide, seeing no way out of this situation.

It all started in the summer of 2017, when the girl met the criminal through mutual friends. A few months later, while continuing to communicate with the girl, the young man went abroad with his parents. Their communication continued by exchanging messages through an online application and seemed to develop into something more than friendship. But…

As indicated in the case materials, the young man demanded his absolute exclusivity in the life of a teenage girl: complete control over movements, knowledge of where and with whom she goes for walks, and even strict adherence to his instructions when choosing clothes. By using verbal and psychological violence against her, he made her feel guilty if her choices did not meet his “wishes.”

At some stage, the girl could not stand this control and harassment, and turned to a psychologist. However, the guy claimed that only he could help her, and that he had deep feelings for her, affecting her emotional and psychological state.

More than once the girl wanted to end all relations with him, but in each case he threatened her that he would publish personal photographs that he took without her knowledge or consent in order to blackmail her.

He asked her to carve the words he specified on her body – “sorry” and “truth” on her left leg and left arm. And in February 2021, the guy tried to force her to stick a knife into her genital area and twist it to injure herself, but the minor refused. Using the same threats of publishing nude photos, he forced her to reveal passwords to her social networking profiles, where she had deleted her account.

The court found him guilty of “attempted female genital mutilation”, “illegal processing of personal data” and “unlawful violence”…

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