April 24, 2024

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The National: Israel is ready to start a full-fledged war with Lebanon

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Hezbollah movement admit the possibility of a full-fledged Israeli operation in Lebanon. This was reported by The National, published in the UAE, citing sources.

Israel was planning a war in southern Lebanon to keep Hezbollah away from the border, and the movement is preparing for all scenarios, including a ground invasion, military and security sources in both countries told The National.

“Most Israelis who fled their homes in the north do not want to return until the Hezbollah threat is eliminated. This is the reason for serious pressure on the Israeli military and government. This could mean another big war,” one of the sources explained.

According to the publication’s interlocutors, if Israeli troops do not enter Lebanese territory soon, this will still happen in the long term. The IDF’s main goal will be to push Hezbollah 10-15 km from the border so that the area where about 60 thousand Israelis live in the north of the country is not within the range of its missiles and anti-tank missiles. It is assumed that if Hezbollah units retreat beyond the Litani River, there will be no more reasons for conflict.

The National recalls that observers estimate that Hezbollah has approximately 100-150 thousand rockets and missiles, some of which are highly accurate. Also, according to the publication, Israeli villages are preparing a militia due to fears that Hezbollah special forces units, the Al-Hajj Radwan Forces, will be able to infiltrate across the border into northern Israel.

Meanwhile, the IDF reported another launch of rockets into the western Galilee, no casualties.

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