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Video: the first moments after an Israeli strike on a humanitarian aid distribution point in the Gaza Strip

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Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd of civilians awaiting the distribution of humanitarian aid southwest of Gaza City, claims Ministry of Health Gaza Strip.

How reports Al Jazeera, citing data from this department, at least 112 Palestinians were killed and about 750 were injured. Al Jazeera Arabic showed video footage showing what happened when the Israeli army began shooting during the delivery of aid. In the video, shots can be heard, as well as screams from people at the scene.

The first moments of shooting at Palestinians awaiting the arrival of humanitarian aid, Al-Rashid Street.

According to the IDF, the military opened fire after local residents began moving towards the Israelis.

The IDF published its version: “Aerial footage of a humanitarian aid operation in the northern Gaza Strip showing how Palestinian mobs attacked trucks, killing dozens due to overcrowding, overcrowding and trampling.”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned what it called a cold-blooded “massacre.” The situation is particularly critical as dozens of wounded people have been taken to the nearby Al-Sifah Hospital in serious condition and doctors are unable to cope with the volume and severity of cases.

The death toll in the Nabulsi Ring Road massacre in the Gaza Strip has risen to 112 martyrs.

Citizens gathered on Ar-Rashid Street, where trucks carrying flour were believed to be heading. Al Jazeera confirmed footage showing the bodies of dozens of dead and wounded Palestinians being transported in trucks, with ambulances unable to reach the area.

“We went for flour. The Israeli army shot at us. There are many victims on the ground, and we are still bringing them out. There is no first aid” – said one of the witnesses.

Reporting from the scene, Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail al-Ghul said that after opening fire, Israeli tanks advanced and ran over many dead and wounded bodies. “This is a massacre, in addition to the famine that threatens the citizens of Gaza,” – he said.

The dead and wounded were taken to four medical centers: Al Shifa, Kamal Adwan, Al Ahli and Jordanian hospitals. Ambulances could not reach the area because the roads were “totally destroyed,” al-Ghul said.

“The numbers will rise. Hospitals are no longer able to accommodate such a huge number of patients because they lack fuel, not to mention medicine. The hospitals have also run out of blood.”

One Palestinian told Quds News Network that the military attack was a “crime.” “I’ve been waiting since yesterday. Trucks started passing by around 4:30 this morning. As we approached the aid trucks, Israeli tanks and warplanes started shooting at us as if it were a trap. I say to the Arab states: if you want us to be killed, why are you sending humanitarian aid? If this continues, we don’t want any help at all. Each arrival of the convoy means another massacre.”

Jadallah Al Shafei, head of the nursing department at Al Shifa Hospital, said that “the situation is beyond words” adding that “The hospital was filled with dozens of corpses and hundreds of wounded.”

“Most of the victims received gunshot and shrapnel wounds to the head and upper body. They suffered from direct artillery fire, drone missiles and artillery fire.” she told Al Jazeera.

The mass shooting was the latest example of systematic attacks on hungry people waiting for food. Over the past few days, Palestinians who had gathered in large groups waiting for aid trucks on Salah al-Din Street, near Gaza City, have come under fire from Israeli forces, the correspondent reported. Al Jazeera Hani Mahmoud reported from Rafah in the southern enclave.

Shehdat al-Raghif: Palestinian describes humanitarian and food disaster in Gaza and demands international protection

Recently, a truck that was supposed to deliver aid to the people of Gaza tragically turned into a truck full of wounded and dead, he added.

On Wednesday, Karl Skau, deputy executive director of the World Food Program (WFP), told the UN Security Council that more than 500,000 people, or one in four residents of the GAZA Strip, are at risk of hunger, with one in six children under 1 year of age considered severely malnourished.

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