How US intelligence miscalculated with Ukraine and Afghanistan

A scrupulous internal review is being conducted within the US intelligence community after clear miscalculations in analyzing the combat power of military forces in the situations in Afghanistan and Ukraine. CNN talks about this, citing its sources. Key legislators on Capitol Hill believe that intelligence predictions about the two major foreign policy crises facing the […]

Greek publishing associations launch awareness campaign against fake news

The publishers’ information campaign is aimed at combating fakes and false information. It runs under the motto “Fake news is unfair news that harms your knowledge. Trust only reliable sources.” The implementation of the nationwide information campaign continues. Its goal is to strengthen credible journalism, among the participants: Ε.Ι.Η.Ε.Α. (Ένωση Ιδιοκτητών Ημερήσιων Εφημερίδων Αθηνών) – […]

Call to Russia campaign launched in Lithuania

On Tuesday, March 8, a group of Lithuanians launched the “Call Russia” campaign. Its participants intend to make 40 million calls to ordinary Russians to inform them about the war in Ukraine. To do this, volunteers have created a website with millions of Russian phone numbers that are obtained from public registries. Paulus Senuta, an […]

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