July 16, 2024

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Greeks do not believe that life will become cheaper (video)

The Greek authorities have undertaken to bring order to prices, because Greece is one of the most expensive countries in the European Union.

How tells Euronews, the Greek government assures that the problem of high prices will be solved. The Cabinet of Ministers promises that it will fight what it calls “greed inflation” – an attempt by some players and countries to earn excess profits in conditions of market distortions and crisis.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis turned to transnational companies, which, according to the prime minister, adhere to distorted commercial practices, which is why prices for most products in the country are 20-40% higher than their neighbors: “Greece is not a banana republic.”

The government promises a slowdown in prices by spring, but the “distrustful population” prefers to “see once than hear a hundred times,” not trusting the assurances. The authorities claim that they will eliminate distortions in the market and achieve purity of list prices, and will also specifically deal with products of special social significance – for example, infant formula and milk. Government spokesman Paul Marinakis said:

“The estimated accuracy of import prices is the number one problem for the entire country and, accordingly, it is a priority for the government. The Cabinet of Ministers has already begun to implement targeted measures that will help cope with high prices.”

The Greek opposition, however, does not agree with statements that high prices in the country are associated with import pricing. Its representatives believe that the price increase that started in 2021 is the result of Athens’ mistakes, the publication writes.

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