July 22, 2024

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Vaccination against coronavirus begins

After the recommendations of the Ministry of Health on the flu vaccine, it is the turn of the coronavirus. The Vaccination Committee must communicate to citizens in high-risk groups the importance of revaccination to enhance protection in the coming months, when the spread of infection is expected to increase.

Currently, 834 people with Covid or with complications after the disease are being treated in hospitals, of which 160 are in clinic departments (ΜΕΘ, ΜΑΦ, etc.). Data indicate the increasing dynamics of the spread of coronavirus.

When does the vaccination program begin?
According to information, the start of the coronavirus vaccination program is scheduled for mid-October, the most likely date is October 16, Monday. The groups that will be recommended to be vaccinated are the same as last year when they were released updated vaccines targeting variant strains of Omicron.

Let’s remember last year the vaccination reminder extended to all persons over 60 years of age and all citizens over 12 years of age with chronic health problems. In addition, these include: residents of nursing homes and other similar facilities, health care workers, nursing home workers, caregivers of people with chronic illnesses, and those living with people who are immunocompromised.

As it appears, the process will be the same as it was carried out during the pandemic. That is, citizens will make an appointment through an electronic platform and come to the centers for vaccination. Key Difference is that in the upcoming vaccination program Large vaccination centers will not opensuch as Prometheus, unless required. Vaccination will take place at hospital vaccination centers.


What vaccines will be introduced?
Greece, like the rest of European countries, has received an updated version of the Pfizer vaccine, targeting the pandemic virus strain HBV.1.5. This subvariant is similar to “Eris”, which is predominant in Greece today and causes multiple infections.

In particular, by the end of the year the country had received about 1.6 million Pfizer vaccines. Moreover, based on the contract, you can receive doses from a “bank” of four million vaccines at any time.

Moderna has updated its mRNA vaccine for the newest strains of coronavirus. The drug has been approved by the European Medicines Agency, but the European Commission’s vaccine procurement strategy has changed. EU negotiates with the company itself on the quantities that member states will receive. Negotiations have not yet been completed, as a result of which our country, like others, is starting vaccination programs with the Pfizer vaccine.

It is worth noting that the approval is also being promoted Novavax protein vaccine, targeting the latest sub-variants of covid. The company is expected to submit a request for EMA approval in mid-to-late October.

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