December 7, 2023

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Cyclone Elias is already in Greece

Cyclone Elias disrupted traffic on the Athens-Patras national highway and provincial roads.

The traffic police began to strengthen control and regulate safe traffic. Some sections of the roads experienced rockfalls and were closed.

According to ΕΛΑΣ, Due to intense weather events caused by Elias, vehicle traffic is temporarily suspended in the areas of Phthiotis and Achaia. According to the Road Traffic Department, the Atalantis-Exarchou provincial road from the heights of the Elatea-Modi intersection (Phthiotis prefecture) is closed due to Cyclone Elias. Car traffic is carried out through the bypass road, Elati.

Traffic was also stopped at km 165 of the Athens-Patras national highway, at the height of the Achaia junction, because stones fell on the roadway on the way to Athens.

The road was also “blocked” on the 80th kilometer of the old Corinth-Patras road, at the Eleonas level. As a result, it is difficult for drivers heading towards Corinth to travel.

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