December 7, 2023

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Magnesia is preparing for bad weather: they are deepening the Krausidona channel, taking measures for Lake Karla

Residents of Magnesia, “battered” by cyclone Daniel, and especially Volos, which has not yet recovered from the disaster, are preparing for new weather disasters, which meteorologists predict from Monday, September 25.

According to A.P.E., in Volos, where the destruction is massive in terms of buildings and the economy, residents are struggling to clean up homes and businesses that have been inundated with water, mud and debris. Damage occurred in areas adjacent to the Kravsidonas River.

Already, several teams from the Thessaly region are working feverishly to clear the blockages in the riverbed. The water level in many cases rose by more than one and a half meters due to thousands of tons of rubble and boulders washed away from the slopes of Mount Pelion by the rain.

Also, a barrier to the flow of water was formed by huge tree trunks that were uprooted and swept up by the rushing waters. All this caused flooding and destruction in many areas of Volos.

Crews of excavators have dredged part of the Kravsidonas riverbed and cleared away stones to improve the situation in view of the approaching bad weather and winter. As noted, this is just preventive work, since complete restoration of the river bed requires labor-intensive work and the use of excavators.

At the same time, teams of utility workers from the municipality of Volos continue to wash and clean the main streets and squares of the city covered with a layer of dirt. Crews are also clearing storm drains and sewers to prevent streets from flooding again in the event of possible heavy rain.

However, the damage done to Pelion is incalculable. In both the east and south, roads and bridges were “completely washed out.” Cars were carried away, houses were flooded and citizens’ property was damaged. Magnesia mourns a total of six people whose lives were cut short by Cyclone Daniel. Just yesterday, 22/09, it was announced that there is potable water again in Volos, after an 18-day absence due to the destruction of the water supply network.

In connection with the expected new wave of bad weather, measures are being taken on Lake Karla.

Ways out of the situation are being considered, since the lake has expanded far beyond its limits and there is a risk that further heavy rains will flood the villages between Volos and Larissa.

From September 5 to September 23 (7 a.m.) in the Thessaly region, the fire department’s operations center received 10,334 calls. According to the fire service, 3,707 water pumps have been disabled so far and 3,576 people have been transported to safety. Fire brigade forces remain in the Thessaly area. If necessary, air and ground rescue means are used. In addition, the authorities (Σ.μη.Ε.Α. του Π.Σ.) are delivering food, water, medicine and bedding to the victims.

The fire service calls on citizens to be especially careful and follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

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