December 7, 2023

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EMY emergency bulletin: worsening situation since Monday, heavy rains and storms

It looks like summer will end this weekend, despite the fact that on Sunday the thermometer will even rise to 37°C, as bad weather is approaching Greece, which will last about five days.

By Sunday afternoon the weather will be exceptionally hot, with many parts of the country expected to hit 37C and possibly as high as 38C. The weather will change from Sunday afternoon to afternoon, when the heat begins to subside. An area of ​​low pressure will keep the country on edge until Thursday, bringing a large volume of water in a short period of time.

“The cyclone from Italy will head into the Ionian Sea, begin to swirl and keep us on edge from Sunday until at least Wednesday-Thursday,” – meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis said on the TV channel Openemphasizing that “The latest forecast data shows large amounts of precipitation in the Thessaly region as well.”

“Unfortunately, with such bad weather, it seems that Thessaly will somehow be the center of attention, but not at the level of Cyclone Daniel. From Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, large amounts of rain are expected in the Thessaly area, especially in the western and northern parts “. He asks to be careful.

As for the areas that will be affected, he said the cyclone will begin its movement from the northern Ionian Sea and temporarily affect central Macedonia.

Intense weather events will then begin to move through Thessaly and further south. “Lamia, Attica and the Peloponnese require attention. This is a new dangerous wave of bad weather that will produce large amounts of precipitation,” he concluded.

The question is whether the government and the state machinery are ready for new downpours, especially in Thessaly, where the water from the previous one has not yet been absorbed. After all, even if this happened, the soil’s ability to accept new large volumes of water is already significantly less than before the moment when Cyclone Daniel hit Greece, which brought six months’ worth of precipitation within a few hours.

In details:

Rain is forecast for the west, center and north of the country on Monday (25-09-2023), with sporadic and locally severe thunderstorms in Epirus, western Macedonia, Thessaly and possibly the Ionian Sea. It is noted that in Thessaly, rain will occur mainly in the western regions (Trikala and Karditsa prefectures), as well as the western and northern regions of Larisa prefecture.

On Tuesday (26-09-2023) cloudy weather with localized rain and strong thunderstorms is forecast for the Ionian Sea and the mainland (except eastern Macedonia and Thrace). In Thessaly, the highest rainfall will occur mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the prefecture of Magnesia, as well as in the prefectures of Karditsa, Trikala and the southern parts of the prefecture of Larissa.

On Wednesday (09/27/2023), rain is forecast for almost the entire country, with thunderstorms in the Ionian Sea, on the mainland and in the northern Aegean Sea. It should be noted that in Thessaly the greatest amount of precipitation will fall in the prefectures of Karditsa, Larissa and Trikala, as well as in the eastern regions of Magnesia. Severe thunderstorms will also occur in the Sporades region.

As thirty-four hours have passed since the onset of severe events, EMY will update its emergency bulletins every twelve hours, and the update of the emergency bulletins will be a continuation of this bulletin.

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