December 1, 2023

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Zelensky’s controversial reception in Washington as a harbinger of the coming political storm

Zelensky received a mixed reception in Washington, admiration is a thing of the past, reports CNN. Biden has repeatedly stated his readiness to support Ukraine, but the Republicans do not want to fund the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are opposed.

Now the fate of Kyiv depends even more on the political fate of the American president.

During a previous visit to Washington, Zelensky was worshiped as a hero, unfurled a blue and yellow flag and compared to Winston Churchill, who spoke out against Nazism. On Thursday, September 21, all this seemed like an echo of the distant past.

Nine months passed and Zelensky returned to Washington. Both he and his masters learned a lot of new and unpleasant things about each other at a time when the path to “final victory” over Russia in the course of an armed conflict begins to seem increasingly long.

Zelensky was clearly shown how Donald Trump’s possible return to power after the 2024 elections and the ex-president’s influence on the unruly Republican-led House of Representatives could break the multi-billion-dollar lifeline on which Ukraine’s very existence depends. The House not only rejected the administration’s request for a new $24 billion package of military aid to Kyiv. She on Thursday refused to fund even the US military, staunchly resisting a new attempt to pass a military appropriations bill.

The Americans, for their part, have seen the depressing impact this conflict has on a leader who has organized a powerful resistance to the Russian offensive, but at the same time has carried on his shoulders the heavy burden of death and suffering of his own people for many months. At times, the comedian-turned-wartime leader looked extremely tired and sad. In an interview with CNN, he admitted that he experiences great stress, as he is forced to live secretly, being the main target for Russia.

During public appearances, Zelensky’s patience sometimes ran out, especially when he reproached the United Nations for failing to protect its members from military conflicts. Major changes have occurred since his last visit to the American capital, which took place on the eve of Christmas 2022, and it is no longer enough to quote President Roosevelt and draw comparisons with 9/11 to win over legislators.

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