November 30, 2023

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Trouble at Warsaw airport: evacuation of passengers and flight delays

Because of a 25-year-old Ukrainian woman, there was panic at the airport in the Polish capital: 250 people were evacuated, and flights to Dublin, Antalya and Paphos (Cyprus) were delayed.

It all happened last weekend at Warsaw Modlin Airport. The cause of the panic was a Ukrainian woman who left her luggage in the middle of the terminal and… disappeared for a long time. How writes publication “Patriots of Ukraine”, an ownerless bag and suitcase attracted the attention of airport employees, who tried in vain to find the owner of the luggage.

The lack of results led to the idea that things could be left on purpose, and there were explosive objects inside. Pyrotechnicians and a special response team were called to the scene. The airport press service says:

“The inability to identify the owner of the pink bag and black suitcase led to the evacuation of 250 people in the terminal area, the allocation of a security area to the common area and the port car park with access roads.”

For safety reasons, the planned departure of the aircraft to Cyprus, Antalya and Dublin was postponed.

Using specialized pyrotechnic equipment, experts determined that the luggage was safe. And at that moment the owner of the suitcase and bag finally showed up.

The Ukrainian woman said that she is the owner of the luggage that caused such a commotion. The woman was fined 500 zlotys in accordance with Article 270(1)(7) of the Aviation Law.

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