March 1, 2024

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Thessaloniki: a minor was arrested after being found with 6 kg of heroin

On September 21, police officers from the drug control department and the crime prevention and suppression department of the Veria department arrested a 17-year-old gypsy who was found in possession of more than 6 kilograms of heroin.

As the ERT channel reports, as part of a coordinated police operation, it was established that the guy is connected with drug dealers. During a search of his home, it was discovered and confiscated 12 packages of heroin with a total weight of 6 kilograms 170 grams. A hunting carbine converted to use live ammunition was also found and confiscated.

A criminal case has been initiated against the detainee, he was taken to the prosecutor of first instance of Thessaloniki. It is being established who the teenager lived with – it happened in a gypsy settlement.

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