December 11, 2023

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Issuing new digital IDs is a matter of days

The countdown to the start of issuing new digital ID cards has begun, as the “premiere” will take place on Monday, according to the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

According to the SKAI channel, a special platform on will be put into operation on Sunday evening or Monday morning, and in the afternoon of the same day it will be possible to make the first appointments at police stations.

Let us recall, as the Ministry has already announced, The issuance of new identity cards the size of a credit card will be carried out at police stations by prior registration of the citizen. After submitting the application, the interested person will receive a message on their mobile phone confirming their appointment. In this case, the person will be informed again 7-10 days before the visit and receipt of the document.

The cost of a tautotite will be 10 euros. Payment of the fee is made electronically. The ID card is valid for 10 years. The new digital IDs will include identifying information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship and identification number.

In particular on the front side The identification card number, photo of the citizen, surname, first name, gender, citizenship, date of birth, date of issue, expiration date, issuing authority, Card-CAN access number and signature of the owner will be indicated.

On back side the father’s name, mother’s name, place of birth, blood type and height will be indicated, with an identification strip at the bottom.

After a strong backlash from skeptics about the new ID cards, government officials clarified that the document (tavotita) will not have a geospatial tracking chipand access to confidential personal data.

The old-style ID cards will be valid until August 2026.

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