September 22, 2023

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The number of worker residence permits issued to Russians in Cyprus increased 7.5 times over the year

Cyprus has become the leader in the number of worker residence permits issued to Russians in 2022 – 6,666 people received them.

Before this, the number of annual residence permits issued to Russians for work over the past 15 years did not exceed 1000, writes GreekReporter. Poland is in second place in terms of this indicator, where 5,005 Russians received a residence permit for employment; Germany is in third place, where 3,631 people received a work residence permit.

The total number of working residence permits in European countries received by Russian citizens in 2022 was 110,987 people. This is a record figure in the entire history of Eurostat observations since 2008. Data are not yet available from Croatia, so they were not included in the overall report.

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