November 30, 2023

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Watch for 300 thousand euros that does not tell time

Every man wants a watch on his wrist that would clearly make him stand out from the “crowd.” Simple but unique walkers.

The most famous masters of haute horlogerie, who hate dials and indicators and prefer minimalism, H. Moser & Cie created watches in which they abandoned the brand logos, dials and hands. So what’s left? The mechanism is at the six o’clock position. But how can the owner of a unique watch know the time? And by ear!

The walkers have a mechanism that works as a reminder, that is, it marks the hours and minutes with characteristic sounds every hour, every quarter of an hour and, finally, every minute.

The watch has an elegant alligator leather strap. And they cost only… 350,000 dollars, that is, 304,000 euros.

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