November 30, 2023

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Greece: the most stable bridge in Europe, "fastening" seismic fault

The Charakas Bridge, an infrastructure project connecting Argostoli and Fiskardo in Kefalonia, is innovative in its kind and, according to experts, can withstand a powerful earthquake.

After 19 years of operation, the Haracas Bridge was opened to traffic in the summer of 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of major media as it the only bridge in Europe, and possibly in the world. It is 80 meters long and connects the opposite sides of a large seismic fault.
Unique bridge features a particularly high level of safety, considering that “even if part of the fault collapses, it is built in such a way that it can stand. After all, the object was created to withstand the strongest seismic impacts. The bridge is installed on 4 special “sliding” supports, which allows it to “move” horizontally up to half a meter.”

The use of sliding or ball segmental bearings for the installation of bridge spans under seismic conditions is a very successful solution.

From the above it follows that the Harakas Bridge is earthquake resistant and is built in such a way as to remain unshakable during any earthquake.

This is a project that is especially important for Cephalonia, since the entire Ionian Sea region is seismically unstable. Moreover, the memories of the earthquakes of June 1953, which caused large-scale destruction on the islands of Zakynthos, Ithaca and Kefalonia, remain indelible.

In addition, during the construction of the infrastructure facility, much attention was paid to the storm drainage system so that the project remains unaffected by floods in the event of bad weather. To prevent the formation of streams that could demolish the bridge, all the water is collected and directed into a pipeline passing through the mountain, bypassing the bridge structure.

The €7 million infrastructure facility is located above the impressive Myrtos Beach, which attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year.

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