July 14, 2024

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Thessaloniki: Turk beat firefighters who saved him

While rescuing a Turkish citizen who was in a serious accident, Greek firefighters accidentally stepped on a prayer rug, for which the 31-year-old man attacked them with his fists.

On Saturday morning, the Turk, returning home from Austria, was driving in his car along the Lagada toll road in the Thessaloniki region. He developed a speed of 192 km / h, despite the speed limit sign, and, having lost control, crashed into a fence. The car was thrown about 50 meters, it rolled over and caused a fire on the dry grass on the side of the road. The man got out of the car and rushed to thank Allah for his salvation, spreading a prayer rug for this.

The firefighters who arrived at the scene promptly extinguished the grass, and then … were violently attacked by a Turk who had finished praying. He thought the firefighters stepped on the prayer mat, which he considered disrespectful, tells CNN Greece.

Afterwards, he stated that he made such a high speed as he was told that his daughter was in trouble and he should return to Turkey immediately. The man was detained and taken to the prosecutor, who opened a criminal case against him under several articles: dangerous driving, violence against firefighters, multiple bodily injuries, fraud, damage to public property under aggravating circumstances. The case was referred to the Thessaloniki Criminal Court.

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