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The mystery of the first strike on the Crimean bridge is revealed

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine revealed the details of the explosion of the Crimean bridge in October 2022: “We used so many people in the dark.”

Last year’s October attack on a bridge in Crimea was carried out using a truck loaded with explosives. It all happened on the morning of October 8, 2022, the day after the 70th birthday of the Russian president. Edition N.V. reconstructed event by talking to the head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk. He stressed that both of these operations, in October last year and in July this year, were prepared exclusively by Ukrainian forces, foreign intelligence services were not involved in them. Regarding the first blow, Vasily Malyuk says:

“I personally and two of my trusted employees were involved in the development and implementation of the special operation with the bridge.”

He said that the SBU had been hatching the idea of ​​blowing up the Crimean bridge since the spring of 2022. Various options were considered: transport explosives in freight cars (but the occupiers only allow military cargo to pass by rail), send a truck with barrels of oil in which explosives would be hidden (but this did not guarantee invisibility), and others. As a result, the head of the security service chose the option with a truck filled with explosives, carefully wrapped in plastic wrap. Such a load – large rolls – was supposed to look civil and not arouse suspicion.

Specialists calculated the thickness of the film layer, sufficient to hide from the customs scanners the metal core cylinders pumped with a mixture of hexogen. “Rolls of film” filled a whole container – their total weight in TNT equivalent corresponded to 21 tons, or 42 Russian “hypersonic” Kinzhal missiles.

The passage of cargo from Ukraine to the site of the explosion on the bridge was very difficult. The head of the SBU does not disclose details. Another important point had to be taken into account: there are special electronic warfare at posts near the Crimean bridge, whose task is to shoot down GPS coordinates on explosive devices tuned to a specific point. The team assembled by Maliuk created a technically complex system by deactivating Russian electronic warfare, due to which, on the morning of October 8, a load of “film” flew into the air approximately in the middle of the bridge.

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine watched the explosion in his office in real time, thanks to the camera, but did not reveal where it was:

“We went through seven circles of hell, used so many people in the dark! The Russians “closed” 22 people – planted. All of them are charged with complicity in a terrorist act. Although in fact they were engaged in their usual commonplace. They were ordinary Russian smugglers.”

Malyuk also told about July explosion. After the first strike on the Crimean bridge, the SBU immediately took up the development of a new one. An important role in the implementation of the idea was played by the head of one of the departments of military counterintelligence – an officer named Hunter, who “had a hand” in the creation of sea drones.

Ukrainian specialists have created remote-controlled kamikaze boats stuffed with explosives, made of a unique material that is invisible to enemy radars, and their design provided for three types of control and self-destruction if necessary.

Malyuk attracted the commander of the Navy, Alexei Neizhpapa, to cooperate. The joint team of the fleet and the special services began to prepare a naval operation to undermine the Crimean bridge.

Drones continued to improve, they even installed two Shmel-M long-range jet flamethrowers on the body. There were other know-how, the details of which are not yet disclosed by the SBU. In mid-July, the SBU and the Navy finally released drones into the open sea, aiming them at a target. The drones hit the bridge support, dropping an entire span of the automobile part from it, as evidenced by the photos released later.

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