November 30, 2023

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Who found the teddy bear will receive 250 euros

The parents of a child in Pelion, Greece, are offering a reward to anyone who finds a soft toy that went missing on August 15.

Tourists from Germany made an announcement on behalf of a child about the loss of a toy panda bear cub, in which their baby was doting, and therefore experiencing severe stress.

Parents report that whoever returns the toy will receive a reward. Neither more nor less, but as much as 250 euros! Because, as they say, “the state of mind of their baby is much more valuable.”

The missing person’s notice reads: “Please find and return the bear cub to me. The panda was lost in Milin (στη Μηλίνα, Πήλιο) on 08/15/2023. Unfortunately, I can’t sleep without it. Please help me find it. My parents will reward whoever finds it. Payment – 250 euros.


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