November 30, 2023

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Obvious-incredible: the road "vice versa"

The road in Leptokaria Pieria has become the subject of study and discussion, as there are many who attribute to metaphysics the phenomenon that causes cars to roll uphill and slow down downhill.

A road sign just outside Leptokaria (Pieria) points in the direction of the “magnetic field”, a mountainous area where one can observe an inexplicable, at least for some, phenomenon. The Athenians have similar places – on Mount Parnit and Penteli (Attica). A road that to the naked eye appears to have an uphill slope causes objects to roll as if they were descending a mountain.


Whether it’s a car or a motorcycle, it rolls freely uphill and slows down or stalls downhill. The phenomenon attracts onlookers from all over the world. There are many who wish to observe the anomaly up close in order to draw their own conclusions. Observing with the naked eye the movement of the car “in reverse”, no one can explain how the car can be dragged uphill by an “invisible force”.

Of course, the scientific community has its own opinion, since it takes an extremely strong magnetic field to “cause” a multi-ton object to defy the laws of physics and roll uphill.

Despite what has been written and said about this particular road, the chances of it being an optical illusion are overwhelmingly higher than the theory of those who want the laws of gravity to stop working in that very place.

Be that as it may, the creation of a new video dedicated to this particular road has also become an occasion for us to highlight another inexplicable phenomenon of Greek roads.

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