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Ways to improve sleep when it’s hot outside

The heat not only worries us during the day, but also exacerbates the situation at night, affecting the quality of sleep.

Some tips from experts can help improve the situation on these hot nights:

1. You know that our limbs regulate body temperature, so if you put your feet in a bowl of water before going to bed, you will feel better.

2. Bed linen. Another thing you can do is to “invest” in quality fabrics like cotton and linen because they allow the body to breathe better and keep you cool at night.

3. A cold shower before bed will help lower your body temperature.

4. A good (quality) mattress certainly plays a big role in preventing overheating of the body.

5. Put an ice pack (gel pad kept in the freezer) in bed before applying.


6. “Go broke”, get a pillow with a cooling effect. Its main feature is filler – a liquid substance called technogel. This composition results in a cooling effect.. It forms a cellular structure that allows the product to change shape, adapting to the characteristics of the human body. Alas, the price of the “techno-miracle” reaches 150 e.


7. And of course, turn off all electrical appliances (cellular and cordless phones, flickering lights from the modem, standby devices and others that generate electromagnetic waves). With this type of pollution, functional disorders of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, disorders of vegetative processes, sleep disorders, and appetite are noted.


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