June 20, 2024

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Arilla beach, the “diamond” of Thesprotia

In the area of ​​Perdika, Arilla Beach is located, which, with its crystal clear and blue waters, is an ideal place for swimming.

This beach is located 20 km northwest of Parga and got its name as a tribute to the Roman commander Arillas (Ρωμαίο Στρατηγό Αρίλλα), whose name thundered in his time.

Arilla Beach is quite long, bending around rocky shores and green cliffs, creating an unsurpassed landscape. The waters are warm due to the shallow depth, and the sandy bottom and clear waters invite you to take a dip.

To the south is a small, well-protected harbor, which, mainly during the summer months, fills up with boats and yachts that stop here to enjoy the beauties of nature.

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