December 11, 2023

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Details of the death of a Russian in Egypt from shark teeth (video)

The German publication Bild has published the gruesome details of the tiger shark incident in Egypt. Eyewitnesses talk about what happened.

The sea predator literally tore apart the Russian tourist Vladimir Popov, who came to the beach with his father and his girlfriend. His father says:

“It all happened very quickly, literally in 20 seconds.”

Rescuers rushed to help literally immediately after the man’s calls for help, but did not have time. One of them, Mohammed, says:

“When I swam up to the man, the water was full of blood. Then I saw that he no longer had a hand. And then a shark appeared. I immediately realized that he could no longer be saved. There was a woman nearby in the water. in complete shock. I managed to get her into the boat and bring her to shore, after which we immediately swam back to the man. “

They no longer saw sharks – only bitten off parts of the body floated in the bloody water. Later, the predator was caught by fishermen, who told the publication:

“At first we thought it was a pregnant female, because the belly of the fish was huge. When the shark was opened, they found the head and hand of the deceased inside.”

Previously, our publication spoke in detail about tragic incident. It took place on June 5 at Dream Beach in Hurghada. Eyewitnesses filmed the last minutes of Vladimir’s life. He is heard shouting “Daddy!” as the grisly spectacle unfolds in front of his father and the tourists. Panicked, they scream and beg the man to swim, as he desperately tries to save himself.

This is not the first such attack in Hurghada – in July last year, a shark bit off a tourist’s arm and leg. What eyewitnesses of the shark attack on Vladimir Popov say:

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