September 27, 2023

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Tsaruhisa’s painting “May” broke the artist’s price record

A painting by Yiannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989) sold for a record price for his work at an auction held Thursday in Athens, reported Friday 2 June.

The painting “May” was sold at Vergos Auctions in Zappeion Hall for 475,542 euros. This is the highest price ever received internationally for a painting by Tsaruchi, which was sold at an auction for Greek art and sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries. The starting price was 200,000 euros.

Commenting, the auction house’s managing director Andreas Vergos said that the record price for both Tsaruchis’ work and Vergos Auctions “deservedly puts our country on the international map of the secondary art market. The collectors have once again shown confidence both in our home and in the value and perpetuity of contemporary Greek art.”

“May” belongs to a series of 12 paintings by Tsaruchis, corresponding to the months of the year. Yannis Tsaruchisa modernist painter and set designer, achieved international fame and was “noted in particular for his homoerotic subjects”, including soldiers, sailors and male nudes.

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