September 27, 2023

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Social tourism: 579,580 applications submitted for 1,068,904 vouchers

So far, June 6, 579,580 applications for 1,068,904 checks have been submitted for the social tourism program DYPA for workers and the unemployed for 2023-2024. As noted, the interest shown by the beneficiaries was particularly high.

It is significant that from Sunday to Monday, June 4 and 5, when the site was open to all AFM, about 360,000 applications were submitted. Recall that for the first time the program starts a month earlier (July 1 instead of August 1) and concerns 300,000 beneficiaries. Its budget is 35 million euros.

Application selection is based on scoring for specific criteria (disability, single parent, number of children, income) through the DYPA Integrated Information System (ISIS). The program lasts 12 months, with the length of stay of the beneficiaries determined from 1 to 6 nights for all regions of Greece, except:

  1. the islands of Mytilene, Chios, Leros, Kos and Evros Prefecture, where you can spend up to ten (10) nights.
  2. the islands of Samos and the municipalities of Istiaia – Edipsos and Mantoudi – Limni – Ag. Annas of Northern Evia, where you can spend up to twelve (12) nights.

The voucher is a subsidy to the beneficiaries for their stay in a tourism facility, the nominal value of which is proportional to the region, type, holiday period (seasonal/out of season) and category of the tourism facility. The beneficiaries of the program can be:

  • employees with employment contracts
  • eEFKA insured in their occupational category and making DYPA contributions (between 01/01/2022 and one day before the application deadline),
  • unemployed persons registered in the DYPA digital registry with an uninterrupted period of unemployment (at least three months by the end of the application period).

The “beneficiaries” of the social tourism program are:

a) children of beneficiaries between the ages of five and eighteen,

b) children of beneficiaries aged 18 to 24,

c) children of beneficiaries over 18 years of age with a disability of 67% or more, indirectly or directly insured in connection with this,

d) spouses of beneficiaries, if they are indirectly insured family members,

e) accompanying persons.

Detailed information on the page

The amount of the subsidy for ferry tickets:

  • for adults and children – 50% of the planned cost of the economy class for the corresponding period of the route,
  • 50% discount for families with many children and their children,
  • for the disabled 50%-60% discount, depending on the cost of the economy class provided for the category of persons ΑμεΑ for the corresponding period of the route.

Who “loses” the voucher
Outside the social tourism program for the period 2023-2024 there are beneficiaries who received the opportunity of social recreation within the framework of social tourism programs in the previous period (last year), regardless of whether they took advantage of this benefit or not. However, those beneficiaries who belong to the category of persons with disabilities, with a disability of 50% or more can participate in the programs for two periods in a row.

For more information about the conditions for applying and joining the program, interested persons can visit the electronic site

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