September 27, 2023

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"tablet of the future" from all diseases at once

The UK will host the world’s first AI Security Summit this fall, and Rishi Sunak will discuss the details with US President Joe Biden at their meeting today in Washington.

Artificial intelligence has the incredible power to change our lives for the better.. But we must make sure that it will be developed and used in conditions of complete securitySunak said.

It is expected that the summit will take place this fall and will bring together “under its wing” like-minded people from different countries. The meeting will consider risks of using artificial intelligence and discussed ways to reduce them through coordinated action at the international level.

Biden and Sunak, who will meet today for the fourth time in a few months, will work on a deal, according to UK and US officials. coordinating the approach to new technologies in order to strengthen economic security.

Sunak plans to hold talks with Biden, focusing primarily on UK-US relations, and discuss how two countries can cooperate successfully, to strengthen the countries’ economies and “joint leadership in the technologies of the future”.

Heads of government are looking for ways to reduce the risks associated with new technologies, which has recently experienced a boom in investment and popularity among consumers, especially after launching the OpenAI ChatGPT application.

Among them China, where the government is seeking to introduce regulations for the use of artificial intelligence, as noted in his statement billionaire Elon Musk during his recent trip to the “Celestial Empire”.

Regulators around the world go out of their way are trying to develop rules for the use of artificial intelligence, which can generate text and images, and its adherents compare its impact to the advent of the Internet.

Recall that Elon Musk announced that he is recruiting volunteers to implant a chip in the brain. If the “gadget” is provided with access to artificial intelligence, then it will be possible to scan the entire body, identify problems and “correct DNA” to eliminate them. For example, scientists are working on the possibility of cell renewal, as well as the stabilization of blood parameters – pressure, insulin. That is, thanks to the chip, there will be “internal help to the body” without the use of drugs.

Here is such a “tablet of the future” will soon be available to the inhabitants of the Earth.

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