November 30, 2023

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Electronic labels on supermarket shelves

The appearance of electronic price tags on the shelves in retail stores will provide new data on how retailers operate.

A typical example is the recent expansion of Walmart’s partnership with SES-Imagotag. The world’s largest retailer has chosen a manufacturer that owns 50% of the global market electronic price tags (ESL)which has already stocked 500 of its US stores with 60 million labels.

The project will use the “next generation” VUSION platform, which offers, according to Greek company Mobile Technologynew innovative features that add to the benefits of the solution developed by SES-Imagotag.

Electronic labels – their features:

  • ESL is now widely distributed in most stores around the world (now also in Greece),
  • combine the ability to connect to the “digital center” and instantly change prices if a promotion, discounts,
  • no additional labor costs (employees do not have to manually edit the prices on the labels, often with a delay).

SES-Imagotag has been selected by the Greek company Mobile Technology as its strategic partner in the field of electronic labels in the direction of the implementation of important projects, as an official representative in Greece and Cyprus, as it has the necessary know-how to design, install and control their stable functioning.

Please note in Lidl supermarket not only 160 items of products fell in price by 35%, but electronic price tags have already appeared.

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