September 27, 2023

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Eurostat: South Aegean are champions in reducing unemployment

The unemployment rate for people aged 15 to 74 in the European Union was 6.2% last year, according to Eurostat, but percentages vary from region to region.

Data from Greece show two winners with 2 different first places: South Aegean becomes champion in reducing unemployment at the pan-European levelapparently due to tourism, while Thessaly has the second highest rate of unemployed youth.

According to Eurostat, the lowest unemployment rates are registered in Central Bohemia, Central Bohemia (1.2%), Prague (1.6%), Southeast and Southwest (Czech Republic) and Hungary, Κεντρική Παραδουνάβια Ουγγαρία (1.7%).

At the opposite end of the scale the highest unemployment rates are registered in the Spanish regions Ceuta (28.4%), Melilla (21.6%) and Andalusia (19.0%), as well as in the most remote region of Guadeloupe in France (18.6%).

Compared to 2021, the highest increase in unemployment was recorded in the Spanish regions of Melilla and Ceuta (both +1.8 percentage points), as well as in the most remote region of Guadeloupe in France (+1.5 percentage points).

Biggest decline was recorded in the South Aegean region of Greece (-8.1 p.p.), the Canary Islands region in Spain (-5.6 p.p.) and in Western Greece (-4.9 p.p.).

In 2022, the average unemployment rate in EU among young people aged 15 to 29 years was 11.3% (-1.7 p.p. compared to 2021), Greece went to silver.


However, there were sharp regional differences in youth unemployment rates. The regions with the lowest rates were Central Bohemia (1.7%), Southwestern Czech Republic (3.1%) and Prague (3.2%), Upper Bavaria in Germany (3.3%), followed by Western -Danubian Hungary (3.6%).

Conversely, the highest percentages are registered in Ceuta in Spain (42.4%), in the Greek region of Thessaly (39.8%), in Central Greece (36.5%) and in another Spanish region, Melilla (36.1% ). Campania and Sicily in Italy (34.2%) and Western Macedonia in Greece (34.3%) also had high youth unemployment rates.

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