May 29, 2023

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Folegandros: "specific taste"

Summer is coming. This is the time when we are all looking for where to go on vacation. Someone has already organized their summer vacation, and someone is just now thinking about which island to visit this year.

Holidays in the Cycladic island of Folegandros are undoubtedly the perfect choice for those looking for tranquility, carefree diving and romantic walks through the picturesque cobbled streets. If you are still not sure if you should go to Folegandros, here are 10 reasons to stop doubting and book your vacation there immediately.

Folegandros is the most beautiful city in the Cyclades. Foreign media extol the picturesqueness and beauty of the country. You will carelessly walk along its pavements and squares, tasting the “Cycladic fairy-tale life”. Here, among other advantages of the island, you will not find many people. And truly appreciate the peace and quiet.

To enjoy the sunset at Folegandros, you will climb up to the small church of Panagia to see the panorama of the endless Aegean Sea. The colors of the sunset contrast with the sea and will give you an unforgettable experience.

Diving in Katergos

Catergo is a separate chapter of Folegandros. This is perhaps the most famous beach of the island, which is constantly talked about by both tourists and the media. You can get here by boat (excursions are organized daily from the port). Here you will swim in the crystal clear blue waters and be fascinated by its rich underwater life. From the beach you can climb its famous sea rock, leave the place in a state of catharsis.

National dishes – you will lick your fingers!

Matcha is a traditional food in Folegandros. You will find the dish in various varieties. Wherever you decide to have dinner, it will definitely be on the menu. In fact, these are handmade pasta that stand out for their taste. Usually they are sprinkled with local “spirited” grated cheese.

Castle on Folegandros

You cannot leave Folegandros without visiting the castle town of Chora. Wherever you go, you will see signs inviting you to follow them to see up close the old city-state that the locals built in antiquity to protect themselves from pirates.


Nothing compares to the climate of Folegandros

You will find that in the Cyclades the heat is unbearable in the morning, and such a wind rises in the evening (meltemi) that you find it difficult to stand on your feet. Forget it on Folegandros! The climate here is probably the best: hot in the morning so you don’t have to leave the sea, and cool enough in the evening to walk on it. You won’t be hot, you won’t need a cardigan, just an idyll!

Come to Folegandros without a car

Holidays on the island will save you from the eternal dilemma: whether to take a car. Answer: “No.” You won’t even get a car for rent, because a car and even a motorcycle are not needed in Folegandros, since the road only leads from the port to Chora, and from there to Agali beach and Ano Meria. You will go on vacation by boat and on foot!


There are no beaches on Folegandros

You will hear many people tell you “There are no beaches on Folegandros”, never mind! The truth is that Folegandros has about a dozen impressive beaches that will not leave you indifferent. Only 4 beaches can be reached on foot and by local bus. To get to the rest, you will need boats (tours are organized daily). Blue-green waters, golden beaches, volcanic rocks, caves and more await you. There are no noisy bars and similar entertainment on the beach, and if you are not looking for silence, then Folegandros is not for you!

Folegandros island tour will make you feel small

Here you will feel the immensity of nature. Impressive cliffs, caves and deep blue waters await you for an unforgettable experience. Diving is a must, and photos even more so.


Folegandros is the perfect choice for everyone

Whether you prefer an alternative getaway with friends or a romantic getaway for two, Folegandros is for everyone. You will enjoy rakomela and cocktails in the neat little shops in Chora with your company, and if you are a camping enthusiast, then the island is just a godsend for you.

For more romantic moments, you can enjoy walks and sunsets “for two”. At the same time, everyone on the island has small decent hotels with just a few rooms and sea views.

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