July 16, 2024

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DYPA: The number of registered unemployed fell by 5.2% in March

A new decrease of 5.2% in the unemployed registered on an annual basis of the data provided by the labor exchange ΔΥΠΑ for March 2023, since from 1,092,509 people in March 2022 their number decreased to 1,035,580 people, i.e. decreased by 56,929 • The number of subsidized unemployed increased by 20% or 32,508 people.

The number of registered unemployed in March 2023 decreased by about 39,000 people or 3.9% compared to February 2023, as 1,035,580 people were registered compared to 1,074,573 in the previous month. Also, the number of subsidized unemployed fell by about 45,000 between February and March 2023. From 239,196 unemployed receiving unemployment benefits in February, we are down to 195,365 in March.


As for the registered unemployed in March 2023, 533,314 people (51.5%) are registered in the MNZ register for a period of 12 months or more, and 502,266 people (48.5%) are registered in the MNZ register for a period of less than 12 months.

  • Men make up 370,903 (35.8%) and women make up 664,677 (64.2%).
  • At the age of 30-44, the largest number of participants among the age categories was registered – 344,426 people (33.3%).
  • The level of secondary education has the largest number of registered people – 493,662 people (47.7%).


Among the regions of the country, the largest number of registered persons is in the regions of Attica and Central Macedonia, which is 325,185 people (31.4%) and 195,336 people (18.9%) respectively.

The total number of subsidized unemployed as of March 2023 (refers to the number of recipients of benefits paid during the corresponding month) is 195,365 people, of which 137,007 (70.1%) are ordinary unemployed and other categories of subsidized unemployed, and 58,358 (29 .9%) – seasonal workers in tourism professions. Men make up 90,082 people (46.1%), women – 105,283 people (53.9%).

Of the total number of subsidized unemployed, 123,731 people (63.3%) are ordinary workers, 3,153 (1.6%) are construction workers, 58,358 (29.9%) are seasonal workers in the tourism sector, 9,337 (4.8%) are seasonal other (agricultural) workers, 686 (0.4%) teachers and 100 (0.1%) others.

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