July 19, 2024

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Underage robber confesses under pressure of evidence and arrested

Clothes with traces of blood, found by the police at the robber-foreigner of the house, forced him to admit that he had stabbed the 18-year-old boy near the Acropolis.

She was on him on April 17 when he robbed and stabbed his victim twice. At first, he tried to pass off as the one who held the knife and wounded the guy, his accomplice, who was arrested shortly before. However, during interrogation and under the pressure of evidence, he confessed, describing in detail what happened. The clothes were sent to the laboratory for examination. The victim remains in the hospital in critical condition.

The young guy and his friends were in the Acropolis area when they were attacked by two robbers. One of the attackers put a knife to the victim’s neck, at the same time trying to take away his purse by force. The second watched what was happening and was on the alert in case the police showed up.

Taking away the purse, the attacker stabbed his victim in the neck and stomach and, snatching the prey, began to run away with an accomplice, trying to hide. A friend of the victim began a pursuit and, with the help of passers-by, managed to immobilize one of the criminals on Adrianos Street. They called an ambulance and alerted the rapid response team, handing over the robber to the police.

17-year-old foreigner M.A. is in the hands of the police and is accused of stabbing a young man in the Acropolis area in order to rob. His accomplice, a Greek citizen, is also 17 years old, informs CNN Greece.

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