May 29, 2023

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14 year old boy shoots 10 year old sister "for fun"

A ten-year-old girl was shot with a hunting rifle by her brother while playing at their grandfather’s house in the village of Amaliada (Peloponnese) on Friday morning.

According to doctors at the Patras hospital, where the girl was taken, she has a serious penetrating wound to her thigh and is expected to undergo surgery.

local media reported that the children were playing when the brother took his grandfather’s single-barreled hunting rifle, which turned out to be loaded, and shot his sister “for fun.” According to the information, the teen’s failure to raise the gun higher prevented the worst, and so the shot hit the girl in the thigh.

The wounded girl was taken to the Amaliada Hospital, where she was given first aid, and due to the severity of the wound, she was escorted by the police to the Patras Children’s Hospital.

The police arrested both the grandfather, for improper possession of a weapon, and the girl’s brother … Initially, the incident was declared an “accident”.

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