July 14, 2024

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Erdogan "gives back": "We don’t need S-400 anymore"

It seems that Turkey has changed its position on the S-400 – the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that they are no longer needed.

How quotes CNN Greece 24TV reported, “CEO of the Military Electronic Systems Industry Haluk Yorgun, in an interview with the Milliyet newspaper, said that Turkey, given the steps it has taken in the field of defense technology, no longer needs S-300 and S-400 missiles. that is essentially the question.”

In 2019, the Turkish President stated that the S-400 deal was complete:

“As for the S-400, the agreement is complete. Now we are at the delivery stage, and a state like Turkey should not abandon a system that is in the process of delivery. This issue is completed.”

However, Ankara, apparently, is closing the fronts based on the wishes of the United States: both in terms of the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO and the de-escalation of tensions with Athens, and the obvious retreat on Russian anti-aircraft systems. This will “untie the hands” of the Biden administration in the US Congress regarding American fighters.

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